Velvet Magazine | Taylor Swift and The Succession writers are planning a series inspired by their former partners

Taylor Swift He has prepared a new project which he will devote himself to after completing it. You were tour. And of course, he’ll enter a new industry at the hands of Alice Birchscreenwriter of Succession

According to Pubity, the singer will create a new television series whose plot may be inspired by her turbulent love life, which has included failed relationships with personalities like her. Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, and Jake Gyllenhaalamong others.

While it’s too early to reveal more details, sources confirm that the 33-year-old has met the British screenwriter. A new challenge in his career.

as a source told SunSwift is planning a series “Metafeminist”, And he must have noticed Alice because she helped shape Succession’s Shiv Roy, a character who existed in a “male-dominated” environment.

“Taylor’s relationships have inspired some of her biggest songs. This translates smoothly on screen and you can take a lot of threads from it.Birch commented on the alleged TV show.

Last year, Taylor announced his plans to direct his first feature film. An original script written by him. This, after directing all too well, short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien.

As of now, there is no information about the possible title, cast or streaming platform where it will be released. Besides, The series has also not been confirmed by Swift.

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