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Caracas Venezuela. —This nation will help rebuild the damaged infrastructure of the Supertanker base in Matanzas, announced President Nicolás Maduro, and urged the highest authority of the Ministry of Petroleum of his country to establish coordination in this regard, with the Cuban side.

“Get in touch with the oil and energy authorities of Cuba to start the reconstruction design of the Supertanker yard in Matanzas,” is the expeditious orientation of the president, addressing Tareck El Aissami, Venezuelan Oil Minister, and Asdrúbal Chávez, president of the state-owned PDVSA.

“Cuba knows that it has our scientific, technical, engineering, and worker support,” confirmed the president, and, after ruling out the possibility that the Caribbean island is alone under any circumstances, he assured that we will always have “the support of the peoples of the world and of sensible, courageous and humanistic governments».

By corresponding on his Twitter profile to the gesture of the Venezuelan president, his Cuban counterpart, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez pondered the attitude of the personnel that this country sent to face the fire in Matanzas. Diaz-Canell announced that “together, we will recover what the fire took.”

Maduro, for his part, recalled that “Fidel and Chávez founded the union of Cuba and Venezuela, they took it to the highest level that anyone could ever have thought. We have kept it here,” exalted the head of state, in a meeting with 43 of his compatriots, experts in highly complex operations, who returned from Matanzas, after supporting the work of extinguishing the largest sinister in the history of the Caribbean island.

For the solidarity and courage shown during those days in Cuba, the Bolivarian leader decorated the 43 members of the group (42 men and one woman). He gave them the replica of the victorious saber of Carabobo, and on their chests he placed the Francisco de Miranda Order in his Precursor Second Class.

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