Venice Film Festival reflects the debates of today’s society

Venice.- Racism, feminism, the tragedy of migrants landing in Europe, family or personal dramas: the 80th Venice Film Festival Two days before the awards ceremony, it has become a mirror of the malaise of contemporary society.

The Venice Film Festival opened a week early under the shadow of a strike by actors and screenwriters in Hollywood. The absence of stars and the involvement of great directors (Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Luc Besson) surrounded by scandals was taking a toll on the rest of the participants.

But this year there are 23 films competing for the Golden Lion at the show.

However, the Mostra jury was chaired by Damien Chazelle (director). La la Land And babylon), politically committed, satirical or historical, the auteur has been able to participate in a diverse exhibition of cinema that has made us forget about controversies.

The festival, which claims to be the oldest in Europe, has also enjoyed an increase in attendance: according to official figures, in the first five days, ticket sales to the public increased by 9% compared to 2022 Is.

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This Thursday they will participate in the competition Holi, A drama about a young woman with alleged psychic powers, by Belgian director Fiennes Troch, and lubo, The real case of marginalization of a Swiss nomadic artist in 1939, directed by Giorgio Diritti.

They’re not exactly new either Horse Saisonby the Frenchman Stéphane Brizé, and Memory, Mexican director Michel Franco’s new film, which has already been awarded in Venice, is about an elderly deranged man (Peter Sarsgaard).

The match got off to a strong start poor creaturesA brilliant and extraordinary recreation of the myth of Frankenstein by Emma Stone, by the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, whose interpretation could open the doors to another Oscar according to critics.

green border A dose of committed and neorealist cinema was provided, a choral drama filmed in black and white with Syrian or Afghan actors to denounce the tragedy taking place on the border between Poland and Belarus, where asylum candidates arrive daily.

The film, directed by Polish Agnieszka Holland, condemns the treatment of these people and European immigration policy.

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Io Capitanoby Italian Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah) It’s another migration drama, but this time it’s filmed in the desert and prisons of Libya. It explains the journey that two Senegalese cousins ​​undertake to reach Europe, a tremendous experience that ends up costing them their lives.

American Ava DuVernay becomes the first African-American to compete for the Golden Lion Original, Adaptation of a literary essay about the roots of racism in the United States.

Mostra has also given place to visual experiments, such as Son, A film by Frenchman Bertrand Bonello about the impact of artificial intelligence that is reminiscent of the films of American David Lynch.

And it has also opened the door to biographies of historical figures: Teacher, by Bradley Cooper, about the mysterious figure of conductor Leonard Bernstein, and Priscilla, About Elvis Presley’s wife, sensitively directed by Sofia Coppola.

The unveiling of the Golden Lion will begin at 9:00 pm (7:00 pm GMT) on Saturday.



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