Venom: Carnage’s Fury


Tom Hardy returns to play the role of Eddie Brock, journalist infested by the Venom symbiote

About three years after the release of the first film, an (unexpected) sequel to what looks to be a new saga of a Marvel character is coming. We are obviously talking about Venom, one of the most controversial anti-heroes in the comic universe now brought to the big screen. The intent was to create a series of films parallel to the classic Spiderman. Venom: Carnage’s Fury, of which we propose our review, is precisely the sequel to the first film. The horror / action tones that leaked from the initial trailers of the first Venom they were then denied by a story full of irony and black humor that certainly aimed at a completely different audience.

This second film does not change register where the Venom / Eddie duo will not fail to “perform” in more or less comic situations and dialogues. The Oscar nominee returns as the unfortunate journalist Tom Hardy. The cast is enriched with another star: Woody Harrelson in the role of Carnage, the villain on duty. Present once again Michelle Williams while behind the camera there is Andy Serkis (the interpreter of Gollum in Lord of the Rings). With this second film the idea of ​​creating a new cinematic saga on the character of Venom is practically confirmed. If you are curious to know our opinion on Venom: Carnage’s Fury you just have to continue reading the review.


The plot – Venom: Carnage’s Wrath, the review

The journalist Eddie Brock he is always looking for a new scoop that can relaunch his career. In the meantime, coexistence with Venom, the symbiote housed in his organism, becomes increasingly difficult and problematic. To keep him under control Eddie forced him to never go out in public places. But above all not to feed on people’s brains, unless they are ruthless killers. And since food is scarce Venom, in the grip of a real withdrawal from phenylethylamine, becomes more difficult every day to contain; appeased only by the occasional meal of some chicken and chocolate bars.

Thanks to the skills of the alien, Eddie Brock manages to find where the corpses of the people killed by Cletus Kasady, a ruthless serial killer held in prison. The reporter’s findings obviously lead to the death penalty for the furious murderer. Following a fight with Eddie, something seems to change in Cletus’ DNA. A new and dangerous alien form seems to take over his body: Carnage. As if that weren’t enough, his allies also include his partner, a former inmate who has the power to emit destructive sound waves by screaming. Venom and Eddie are forced to keep their forces together to face the new feared enemies.

Analysis in Brief – Venom: Carnage’s Wrath, the review

If the first Venom kept us on our toes for about half the film for the curiosity to see at least the entry on the scene of the symbiote this sequel can not boast even this aspect. A film that maintains a narrative register similar to its previous one: lots of humor, lots of action, little scary, little violence. It is clear then the slice of public to which this new saga is aimed, centered on a particular anti-hero because it is complex and contradictory, as well as violent. Although the continuous internal dialogue between Eddie and Venom holds the whole rhythm of the story, at times it involves, due to the excessive humor, a collapse of tension. Especially when the recited jokes are a continuous succession of puns or more or less witty nonsense (some even insane). A problem that we had actually already noticed in the first chapter.

Venom the fury of carnage review

Venom: Carnage’s Fury. Marvel Entertainment, Pascal Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tencent Pictures

While in the first chapter the story had relatively taken us, at least in the first half relating to the birth of the character, in this second film we have not found narrative ideas worthy of a film. The ultimate goal is to get the “good and the bad” into your hands. The secondary characters do not offer great ideas as well as the love story between Eddie and his ex, called into question in an all too superficial way. The film clearly does not intend to tell even a vaguely interesting story. We try to leave more room for pure fun: whether it is humorous dialogues or real action. Yet the same thing does not happen, for example for other cinecomics who try at least to maintain a “narrative dignity”. Just think for example of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Cast, action and CG

All the weight of the success of the film (essentially at the box office) is entrusted primarily to the character of Venom as such and then to the choice of the cast. And of course the action scenes. We have to say that compared to the first chapter, this second film boasts certainly more fun action sequences. In this sense it feels the different weight of Andy Serkis’ direction that manages to make us breathe all the frenzy and adrenaline of the fighting. An improvement, albeit minimal, also in the management of computer graphics, all too evident and detached in the first Venom. Except for this, Venom: Carnage’s Fury it has very little to show.

While Woody Harrelson you go back to being ferocious and violent as in the days of Natural Born Killers his character is far too caricatured and taken for granted. Same thing goes for the dialogues but in general for the plot: a one-way narrative without twists and without those facets that would serve to make “intellectually more palatable “ a banal and meager story. Definitely a cast of stars that do not shine, a humor at times too intrusive for 90 minutes of footage that flow quickly without much interest. After the first disappointing movie Venom: Carnage’s Fury does not redeem the fate of a saga that started badly, very badly indeed. This script-level sequel is even worse than the first.

Our conclusions

The second chapter of the saga of Venom unfortunately confirms what we said with the previous film. A saga that in consideration of the protagonist character and the presence of Tom Hardy had a lot of potential. Many already thought of a Marvel-style version of the Nolan Dark Knight. Many believed that Tom Hardy would relaunch his image with an iconic character like a Christian Bale in Batman. The first Venom he had made us understand that the path taken was not the right one at all. This second chapter does not change the path by falling more shadows than lights on a truly valid project. It’s not to make a Scorsese moral, but these two chapters don’t really have the essence of a film.

A series of more or less confusing scenes, some funny jokes, special effects, famous comic book characters, great actors. A badly mixed jumble of ingredients that fails to stage a story that is at least valid. In such a black period for the cinema it is hard not to go and see Venom: Carnage’s Fury on the big screen. Surely it deserves the vision, just out of curiosity, by those who have seen the first film and are passionate about comics. Others can safely let it go. As has become tradition, we advise you to remain in the room waiting for the end of the credits for a nice post-credits scene.

Rating – 5


Positive sides

  • Some action scenes
  • Inner Eddie / Venom dialogue

Negative sides

  • Too banal script
  • Sometimes humor too intrusive and demented
  • Repetitive and predictable

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