Venustiano Carranza – Post Covid Clinic and Respiratory Diseases Inaugurated in La Prensa

Evelyn Parra, Mayor of Venustiano Carranza, attended the grand opening of the rehabilitation clinic for respiratory diseases and post COVID-19 sequelae in Mexico. It has equipment to provide pulmonary rehabilitation, inhalation therapy, oxygen therapy, measurement of lung capacity, physical therapy and laboratory services that will help the patients visiting the said campus.

By investing more than 20 million pesos in its construction and adaptation, Evelyn Parra explained that the medical unit located in the Morelos neighborhood, in addition to being unique in our entire region, will be able to benefit thousands of Mexicans who need its services. Especially if they suffer serious consequences after suffering from respiratory diseases.

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“This action is the most important of my government and it has modern equipment to provide pulmonary rehabilitation, inhalation therapy, oxygen therapy, stress testing, functional clinics, physical therapy, laboratory, other services which will greatly help the residents suffering from respiratory disease . Or COVID-19,” highlighted the militant mayor of Morena, who was accompanied by Mexico City Health Secretary Oliva López Arellano.

Although Mexico already has hospitals and medical units that can provide pulmonary therapy and rehabilitation, the advantage this new complex has over others is that it focuses only on treating the discomfort caused by suffering from Covid 19.

Oliva López Arellano, Secretary of Health of the Capital, confirmed Evelyn Parra’s commitment to health in CDMX, highlighting being a permanent ally in providing prevention and health, in turn the Mayor of said district commented as follows:

“I feel very happy because this modern clinic was one of the main campaign promises I made today and it will help neighbors who are still suffering the consequences of the terrible Covid-19 disease, as well as those Will also help those who are suffering from asthma and this disease. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, known as COPD, among other diseases.

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