Vergara no longer commands, Chivas and the ‘new’ owner who pulls the strings in the shadows

The true architect of the Chivas crisis and who moves in the shadows
The true architect of the Chivas crisis and who moves in the shadows

Chivas excited in the first half against a Puebla that he did not despair and then turn the game around. Although there is talk of an arbitration error, beyond that, the Herd did not show the same behavior in the second half.

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It seems that the pressure of results affects the team and more now that the owner and president Amaury Vergara He doesn’t take a position on his situation. According to the journalist Jesús Hernández, everything indicates that the “true owner” seems to be Marcelo Michel Leaño.

According to the source in question, the family of the current coach of Chivas would have made a strong investment in the Flock to get it out of some debts, the same ones that would be paid with favors, that is to say, to have Marcelo Michel Leano on the rojiblanco bench.

Will Chivas change coach?

Marcelo Michel Leaño has had so much power within Chivas that it seems very difficult for him to leave the team where Ricardo Pelaez has lost prominence and is only dedicated to collecting his salary, Vergara spends more time on his TV programs and other companies, leaving the coach’s family in the shadows controlling a model that does not work in Chivas.

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