VeRse or how the metaverse creates the new generation of companies of the digital future

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The metaverse has become the start of 2022 in one of the technological concepts that everyone talks about and our country already has disruptive impact projects in this field.

In this context, one of the proper names is VeRse, event that is called to establish a turning point next February 22 and whose entry will be free prior registration.

The brands and marketers now they have the exciting opportunity to create products that exist in multiple realities.

VeRse will bring together marketing specialists, blockchainesports now key players of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem to shed light on the real utilities of these environments and the possibilities of companies in terms of presence and business development.

“The metaverse is an opportunity and a challenge rolled into one: it creates an entirely new space for brands to build a strong presence and connect with users and consumers,” says Sara Lobete, director of VeRse.

All prepared for the event that will serve as a key to enter the metaverse for SMEs and entrepreneurs of the Spanish ecosystem.

All prepared for the event that will serve as a key to enter the metaverse for SMEs and entrepreneurs of the Spanish ecosystem.

“We have to keep in mind that this is uncharted territory that requires strategic thinking to ensure a seamless and memorable entry into a whole new world that is consistent with brand identity,” Lobete adds.

Hence, VeRse was born, “from the real need that companies have to discover and experiment in the metaverse to expand, in these environments, their businesses and communication and marketing strategies. After trying and knowing the tools, they will be able to make the best decisions“.

The event will be held in Microsoft’s AltspaceVR platform in the Business Hub district of VRHispaverso where participating companies will be able to test the tools and discover the innumerable opportunities that the metaverse offers.

“VRHispaverso has developed an important business-oriented district that aims to be the headquarters of today’s most innovative companies. VRHispaverso has the necessary tools for companies to continue developing their business and grow in digital environments,” he declares. Damian Romera, CEO of VRHispaverso.

A space to explain and debate

For its part, Isaac Jimenez, CEO of Rock&Changeinsists that “it is necessary to create a space where we can explain and discuss these new technological advances that everyone is talking about and whose possibilities we have not yet been able to exploit”.

“Verse’s proposal will help understand the possibilities of the metaverse through experts and real success stories. At Rock&Change we have been supporting live music in a pandemic for more than a year through our virtual room in the metaverse, we know its advantages and we know the value that all this technology will bring to social and business life”, he points out.

Verse will feature four round tables that will take place on the central stage. After the inauguration – from 6 to 6:15 p.m. – the first round table will begin, The blockchain as a pillar of the metaverse.

The second table will start at 6:50 p.m. and it will be about Esports. After finishing this round table, there will be a pitch 10 minutes Myths and truths of the metaverse. The round table will begin at 7:45 p.m. The metaverse for companies in 2022. The fourth table will begin at 8:20 p.m. and will deal with the role of startups in the metaverse.

Ángel Niño will close the event

The councilor of the Madrid City Council, Ángel Niño, will close the event at 8:45 p.m. The day is organized by Sempiternity, VRHispaverso and Rock&Change. Media such as El Español, Dirigentes, Agora News, Marketing Insider Review, Mobility Zone. The computer group or Criptoinformativo are media partners and protagonists of the event.

In addition, the event has the support of the Madrid City Council, La Nave de Madrid, AticcoLab, StartupOlé, European University of the AtlanticBinary Box Studios, S2CX The Customer Centric Company, The Undercover Agency, Ibiza Foto Design Cryptorex, VirtualOn, Icommunity and CodeContract.

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