Version of “Titi asked me” about blackouts in Cuba goes viral

A witty Cuban version of Bad Bunny’s song “Tití asked me” has gone viral on social networks by portraying the dramatic blackouts in Cuba.

Misael García, better known as Barbatón, launched his own version of the musical success of Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, to hold the Castro regime responsible for the suffering of citizens in the largest of the Antilles.

The audiovisual, originally shared on the famous TikTok social network, has already accumulated more than 4.5k “likes”, as well as hundreds of comments.

“Tití asked me if there are blackouts in Cuba. What do you say? What blackouts? First they remove it, then they put it on. Those are alumbrones. Tití asked me if there are blackouts in Cuba. na? First they remove it, then they put it on. But what kind of f…”says an excerpt from the song modified by Garcia.

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“I take it off, I put it on you. I put it on you, I take it off so that all the mosquitoes eat me alive. I’ll take it off, put it on you and put it back on you because you yourself are going to shit… on Canel’s mother”says another stanza of the entertaining audiovisual.

Blackouts in Cuba continue to provoke demonstrations

In the midst of the dramatic blackouts that plague Cubans every night in the Antillean provinces, several cities have risen up against the dictatorship that subjects them without electricity, food, health and individual freedoms.

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Precisely, on Monday night, residents of Sancti Spíritus and Cienfuegos, already worn out by the blackouts on the island, took to the streets with saucepans to demonstrate against the annoying power outages caused by the inefficiency of the Castro authorities to keep the thermoelectric plants operational. Cuban.

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