Verstappen bites the dust, Norris on the street, Russell winner and Sainz on the podium

George Russell, against all odds, I have won the Austrian Grand Prix, second result in Formula 1 after Brazil 2022.

They really found him the British from Mercedes, who took advantage crash between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, the protagonists, this time of an epic duel and it’s true (not like in Imola), where both They drove again and again and ended up having the tires removed on both cars..

Carlos Sainz, who has been driving a very limited number of Ferraris all weekend, takes the podium. fifth season, keeping the furniture for Scuderia, as Leclerc was 11th outside the points.

Max is the fourth and more leader

Verstappen, despite the crash and 10-second penalty for knocking Lando off the tracksurvived, changed the wheels and could finish the race fifthso even though he was defeated in a direct fight against Checo for the first time since 2021 in 2023, leaves Spielberg more of a leader World Championship.

Verstappen leads Norris by 81 points. Bye Carlos moves up to fourth in the championship, just 15 behind Leclerc. with a less controversial career… Sainz is interesting for his tenacity and dedication to the cause… and without complaining or whining.

With no water on the track and no major incidents, Verstappen was very worried from the second stop after his own mistake. They had warned before that the walks were over and that the mistake was changing everything. Max is mortal, although he must be killed three times before he falls to the ground, and even thenThere is no world championship, but there is a spectacle and, most importantly, it is not always, as they say, the same person who wins, although in other sports he almost always wins.

Alonso, penalized, 18th and fastest lap

Fernando had everything in his career. He climbed to 11th place from 15th place using an aggressive strategy. Wasppunished for kicking Zhou out of a pit only for him to fall to the bottom and he ended up setting the fastest lap in the test.

He doesn’t tell this because finished 18th, missed the top 10, but was taken from Verstappen at the very least, leave a mark. Points were out of the question, but at one point in the race it wasn’t that far off.

Austrian Grand Prix 2024

1st G. Russell (D) Mercedes 71/71

2nd O. Piastri (M) McLaren + 1 “906”

3rd place Carlos Sainz (M) Ferrari + 4″533

4th place L. Hamilton (M) Mercedes + 23 inches 142

5th place M. Verstappen (B) Red Bull + 37″ 253

6° S. Hulkenberg (Germany) Haas + 54″088

7° N. Perez (M) Red Bull + 54″672

8° K. Magnussen (W) Haas + 60″355

9th R. Ricciardo (P) PB + 61″169

10th P. Gasly (M) Alpine + 61 “766

11° C. Leclerc (M) Ferrari + 67″056

12° east longitude Okon (M) Alpine + 67″325

13th place L. Stroll (D) Aston Martin + 1 lap

14th place A. Albon (G) Williams + 1 lap

15th place Yu. Tsunoda (P) PB + 1 lap

16th place V. Bottas bet (D) + 1 lap

17th bet G. Zhou (M) + 1 move

18th place Fernando Alonso (Z) Aston Martin + 1 lap

19th place L Sargeant (m) Williams + 2 laps

20th place L. Norris (M) McLaren ends his career

Start: (V1/71): Verstappen holds top spot as Sainz passes on the wing

Max came out perfectly, and from behind Hamilton overtook Carlos, going outside many meters and on purpose, so as not to lose speed and get ahead. It was a very clear sanction.

The injured Leclerc went to the pits to change the front wing and returned to the 19th track. Alonso won two places at the start along with Gasly and Tsunoda, but on the 2nd lap the Japanese gave it back to him.

Hamilton passed Russell on lap three, but Russell made a clever comeback and Sainz waited.

Hamilton regains position from Carlos (V7)

The one he took illegally was his again, and Carlos was fourth. And Piastri overtook Checo and took sixth place.

On this lap, Verstappen was already 3.1 seconds ahead of Norris.

Lap 12: The major pit stops have begun

Because of the degradation of the media. Sainz moved up to Russell and separated from Hamilton. Spanish very good.

Alonso made his first stop on lap 13 and was again in mid-place.

Leclerc failed to pass Albon, who kept him in 19th place. The Monegasque came out for the second time on lap 18 with a very low speed on the hard track. It was a bad omen when it was Carlos’ turn.

Alonso confronted Zhou and was investigated (V21)

The Asturian touched the rear wheel of the Sauber in turn three, and everything indicated that he would be penalized. Fernando was 12 years old at the time.He received a 10-second penalty with a normal time of 5. in such maneuvers.

Hamilton He stopped on lap 22 to try to pass Sainz.

Carlos (V23) stops and retains his place.

Hamilton failed to cope with the Spaniard and also stepped on the white line of the pier and received a 5-second penalty.

Verstappen investigated unsafe start.

He had 5 seconds on Norris, but during a stop (V25) he forced Norris, who was in the pit lane, to brake. He was warned about the possibility of sanctions, and Max, with his tough game, began to push with all his might.

Verstappen left (V35) and without sanctions

He increased his time to 8.1 seconds and it was announced that he would not have a sanction for being “unsafe”. He had a victory in his pocket and almost a fourth world championship, or so it seemed.

Alonso, having passed Gasly and Alonso on new tyres, was called to the penalty area and entered his second stop. Having paid a 19-second penalty for Zhou, the Asturian finished 19th, ahead of only Sargeant.

Sainz was fourth, 4.2 seconds behind Russell.

Russell stopped to defend (V47) and Sainz copied him

The confused Englishman tried to change tyres, but he was left with a set of hard ones, not the best for this track. Carlos copied him, but in his case he inserted the average score and fell behind the Mercedes by 4.5 seconds.

Behind him, without stopping, Piastri overtook Hamilton, who began to descend.

Verstappen and Norris in the penalty area (V52)

There were 19 left, but everything was decided by Max winning with 7.6 seconds. Bad stop for McLaren, 6.5 seconds. Although he overbraked, Norris was 1.7 seconds behind.

On the 55th lap, Lando was 0.2 behind Max, but the leader caught air within two laps. “I don’t have the grip,” he shouted into the radio.

On lap 58, Lando got back into the #1 Red Bull, but Max defended well in sector two. He suffered more than in Imola, that’s for sure.

On lap 59 he overtook Remus but went off the track and had to regain ground again.

Norris to the Commissioners

And in the middle of cleaning, Lando was warned for his fourth off-track run, which will result in a five-second penalty. which was noted.

The fight was impressive, they both touched each other on the 62nd lap and were eventually knocked out.

Sainz, third after Russell and Piastri (V65)

The Englishman was in the lead, Sainz was second, Piastri was third, but he was overtaken by the fastest Australian. After the virtual safety car, there were four laps left to determine the winner.

Max was fifth and received a 10-second penalty.

The final laps changed nothing and Russell took his second win of the season, with Piastri second and Sainz on the podium when it seemed impossible.


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