Vicente Fernández paid 4 million dollars to the woman with whom he allegedly had a child: what was the reason?

Merle Uribe is one of the actresses who claims to have had a relationship with the late singer Vicente Fernandezdescribes what he was with “The Charro of Huentitan” around the year 1980 and 1981, which were so close that several known secrets.

The star made his position known around the information that they have released in the new season (second) of “The Last King: The Son of the People”, spoke of Rodrigo Fernandezthe alleged son he had as an interpreter of “Divine women” with Patricia Riverastill married to “Cuquita”.

He was a journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante who questioned Uribe and asked how much money he supposedly gave him Fernandez a Rivera so that he wouldn’t bother his family and get out of their lives forever.

Merle Uribe Without much thought, he announced that it was several million dollars. “4 million dollars so that he would no longer speak”, he asserted and said that the information was told to him by Vicente Fernández himself. “Yes, because we continue to have a relationship, even on the phone and everything. Now, after the time I was around, 80-81, I still went on tour after I had my kids, I guess he found out I was divorced and he talked me into a tour in USA“, plot.

According to Agencias México, Merle also talked that when the man from Jalisco found out that he would be a father out of wedlock, he could not believe it. “He was very sorry, first because he had skewered a son, and second because the boy at 18 was him and sued him Vincentthey were almost seizing the Ranchthen that is not done. And that’s when Vincent said: ‘don’t mess with my family again, take these 4 million dollars and it’s over,” he said.

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