Victoria Beckham’s diet and training for her obvious physical transformation

Victoria Beckham was for more than two decades one of the members of the Spice Girls and was known as Posh, the cock, a woman who exuded elegance and who seemed to want to show the world that she did not even allow herself the luxury of sweating. But now all that has changed, he has made physical exercise a priority and she does not mind sharing images on social networks while exercising, leaving aside perfection in her hairstyle or makeup.

The artist and businesswoman, no matter how ruinous her main business may be, has carried out an obvious physical transformation that can be seen mainly in her legs, which now look stronger and more toned. Your secret? A strict diet and hard training that are carried out by a high-level personal trainer. Is about Bobby Rich, former athlete with five international gold medals in judo, member of Team GB in the United Kingdom and past coach of both David and Brooklyn Beckham.

Victoria’s training is a priority for her and her dedication is impressive”, Rich expressed in statements collected by the British tabloid The Sun. “She is with me in the gym five days a week, and even if you are traveling there are no excuses and we move on to the online sessions. Either way she is putting in the work,” she explained.

High intensity workouts

And it is that Victoria is carrying out elite athlete sessions, as detailed by the coach himself: “My methodology and application towards Victoria training is based on my own conditioning programming that I used when competing.. I treat the year like a season and work through blocks of training, identifying peaks and recovery phases to make the most of the incredible efforts Victoria puts into each session, mentally and physically,” she details. “The biggest difference in their training is the introduction of strength exercises and functional movementslike squats overhead (OHS), chest-loaded squats and snatches”, that is, it uses some of the CrossFit exercises.

The artist’s training also includes other movements using body weight, bands, and ankle weights, in addition to others focused on joint health. According to the coach, in a Victoria session you can expend around 600 calories and will continue to burn when you finish the exercises. “Train hard but also train smart,” says Bobby.


The changes in the diet of Victoria Beckham

David Beckham assured at the time that his wife had eaten the same thing for the last 25 years: fish with vegetables. However, the hard training carried out by the businesswoman has affected her metabolism and you can eat more, so you are not afraid to introduce healthy fats such as avocado, nuts or oily fish into your diet. Victoria was always disciplined when it came to eating, so in this sense she has had no problem conditioning her diet to the training she undergoes almost daily.

Yes, like everyone else, Beckham has his whims and one of them is wine. In addition, he has a treatment to firm the skin that includes some foods and the first thing he takes in the morning is apple cider vinegar. Also, collagen is thrown into their coffee.

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