Victoria Justice spoke about her relationship with Ariana Grande during the filming of “Victorious”

During 2010, a new children’s series called “Victorious” began to be shot. There you could see Victoria Justice as the protagonist of the strip and Ariana Grande as a friend of the star. It was from that moment that rumors began of a bad relationship between the castmates..

After four seasons, the fiction was terminated and the speculations were still valid. Despite this, the colleagues continued working and once the project was finished, each one continued on their way. However, After more than 10 years, the actress got tired of gossip and spoke for the first time.

during an interview Victoria Justice said: “All this drama, whatever, youall these things are stupid. Much of this came from the media fanning the flame, and that, coupled with social media, became one hell of a craziness. I adore Ariana and she also supports me and my music. We send each other messages. It’s pretty cool, everything is fine”.

Besides, The artist assured that women have to support each other and that to this day the cast is still very close. They all took different paths, but once you have to be there for each other they are present. For now, Ariana Grande He did not speak about the situation and his colleague’s statements.

Currently the singer is keeping a low profile since she has not released new songs for several months. In addition to having received a lot of criticism for her physical appearance.

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