Victoria prevails at home and continues to beat Motagua; Real Sociedad also beat Honduras Progreso



71 minutes. Motagua was saved and Denil Maldonado almost noticed it at his own goal, but the ball went to a corner kick.

70 minutes. Change in the Motagua. Vandulciel enters and Diego Auzqui leaves.

66 minutes Yellow card for Alexy Vega.

65 minutes Harold Fonseca saves Motagua’s tie and sends it to the corner kick after a header from Marcelo Pereira.

57 minutes in La Ceiba: Victoria continues to maintain the advantage over Motagua

Solomon Nazar moves his bench and brings in Marco Tulio Vega, Carlos Róchez


64 minutes and Mariano Pineda saves Real Sociedad and the score remains 1-0.

58 Min in Progress: Real Sociedad continues to beat Honduras Progreso 1-0.

Change in the Royal Society: Michell Antúnez enters and Jamal Charles leaves.

Change in Progress: Víctor Arauz leaves and Richar Mercado enters

THE FIRST HALF ENDS IN LA CEIBA. Victoria is beating Motagua 1-0.

42 minutes Change in the Victory; Samuel Córdova leaves and Arnaldo Urbina enters.

42 minutes Yellow card for Samuel Córdova

40 minutes Yaudel Lahera took advantage of a corner kick and headed past Marlon Licona to put Victoria to victory.

IN PROGRESS: The first half ends and Real Sociedad continues to win 1-0 against Honduras Progreso.

33 minutes Motagua tries to take the lead from long distance with Diego Auzqui’s shot, but it went slightly to the side of Fonseca’s goal.

43 Min IN PROGRESS: Penalty in favor of Real Sociedad and Jamal Charles turns it into a goal and they start to win 1-0..

10 minutes Victoria is saved. Harold Fonseca becomes a hero and saves Ángel Tejeda’s shot in the small area.

07 minutes Yellow card for Roberto Moreira after a tackle against Allan Banegas.

04 minutes Corner kick for Victoria and Marlon Licona keeps the ball after a very soft shot.

The match begins at the Ceibeño stadium and Motagua and Victoria begin a very dramatic duel.

07 min have been played in this match and not yet the goalkeepers do not receive shots at the frame.

Start the match at the Humberto Micheletti between Honduras Progreso and Real Sociedad.

Motagua lineup: Marlon Licona, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos; Wesly Decas, Hector Castellanos, Juan Delgado, Omar Elvir; Diego Auzqui, Roberto Moreira and Angel Tejeda

Victory Lineup: Harold Fonseca, José Velásquez, Samuel Córdova, Hilder Colón; Allan Banegas, Yaudel Lahera, Alexy Vega, Damín Ramírez; Pedro Hernpandez, ´Óscar Suazo and Luis Hurtado.

In Progress: The teams are already warming up to start the duel at the Humberto Micheletti stadium.

Alignment Honduas Progress: Andrés Salazar, Oidel Pérez, Alberto Paredes, Ángel Barrios; Víctor Aráuz, José Quiróz, Edwin Maldonado, Leslie Heraldez; Selvin Guevara, Cristian Sacaza and Erick Andino.

Royal Society Alignment: José Pineda, Enuar Salgado, Kelvin Matute, Klifox Bernárdez, Yeer Gutiérrez; Delson Figueroa, Cristopher Urmeneta, Deyron Martínez, Dester Mónico; Akeem Roach and Jamal Charles.

Salomón Nazar and the entire Jaibas del Victoria team are at the Ceibeño stadium.

The city of La Ceiba has its own party this Saturday with the duel between Victoria and Motagua. The blues have arrived with their great fans.

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