VIDEO At 52, Jennifer Lopez displays an ultra-bright glow, without makeup, and she is really hot

At 52, Jennifer Lopez is still as radiant as ever. Do you dream of having her perfect skin? We know her secret. The star unveiled her skincare routine to have a great glow.

Would love result in healthy, glowing skin? That’s what one might think when looking at the latest Instagram post of Jennifer Lopez. Indeed, the 52-year-old singer shot and posted a short video, in which she shows herself with luminous, imperfection-free skin. And all without the slightest trace of makeup. JLo has mastered the art of the perfect no-makeup that we would all like to have. Frankly engaged to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez really shines. You might think it’s love. But no, it’s justa good skincare routine… And Jennifer Lopez finally reveals it to us!

JLO: his morning trick to wake up the complexion

It’s not enough to get luminous skin and Jennifer Lopez proves it to us. Every morning when she gets out of her shower and before any other preparation, the singer reads an inspirational quote or mantra. A nice way to start the day well and stay zen. And it’s not new, well-being plays an important role in external beauty.

JLO: her skincare routine for beautiful skin at 52

After the mantra, place to action. Of course, businesswomen above all, Jennifer Lopez only uses her own brand products: JLO Beauty. She starts out good wash your face in the shower using the “Single Gel Cream”. Next, she applies the “That JLO Glow” serum, which she uses morning and evening. I have to say that the serum is now a must in the field of skincare. At 52, she reminds her community the importance of moisturizing the skin of the neck and décolleté, areas where very thin skin that loosens quickly with age. For this, JLO uses a day cream with SPF 30. Increasingly present in moisturizing creams, use an SPF treatment protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. And let’s not forget that summer is just around the corner… Jennifer Lopez uses “The Big Screen SPF 30” moisturizer for her skin.

His finishing touch? The eye area of ​​course! She doesn’t forget the importance of this area to keep a luminous and radiant look. She applies “That Fresh Take Eye Cream” to dark circles and between her eyebrows with her fingers. Like Kourtney Kardashian’s make-up artist, Jennifer Lopez shows us that thehe best beauty tool is at your fingertips.

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