(VIDEO) Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar get together to celebrate at a show

everything seems wonderful collaboration are bulk, now to knock And this pop Come together for a unique occasion. beyoncé And Kendrick Lamar gathered on stage to celebrate birthday Singer’s

during a concert in Sophie Stadium Of inglewood, Californiahappened in the past 4th September – exact date of singer’s birthday , beyoncé And Kendrick Lamar They got together.

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It happened during the show of the collaboration pop star It evolved; He rapper came to perform on stage for the first time remix with beyonce of songs america has a problem,

The rapper came on stage after the artist Diana Ross explain his success 1976, love Hangoverexcept for the much sweeter version beyoncé Of happy birthday,

there was more with his birthday song 60 thousand present for the concert of popperin the field of California,


celebration, rapper and both Rossmade such an impression on fans that they didn’t hesitate to record the moment right away.

He Video Both collaborations were soon shelved Social NetworksBut we take this opportunity to leave it right here below:

At present it should be remembered beyonce a travel festival is in the middle of the journey Renaissance World Tourwhich will continue through the area of usa In next month,

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