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Mexico.- In addition to being nominated for Artist of the Year at the MTV Awards, beyoncé A video circulating on social networks has attracted attention, The said video shows the alleged incidents inappropriate touch what I would have experienced.

The incident happened during their recent concert in Boston as part of their Renaissance world tour. during the program, Several attendees captured the precise moment when a man who was clearly part of their work team, Makes inappropriate contact on her buttocks. The situation was immediately reported and discussed online.

Photos show the moment Beyoncé is about to get off a truck that was on top of the stage, however, the locker room was a bit uncomfortable for her, so she asked for help.

After a few seconds, some security members and concerned persons go to the interpreter to stop him, but since his back is low man puts his hand under artist’s back,

Point out the subject for inappropriate behavior

especially Nowhere in the recording is the famous lady seen to be upset or surprised, she even takes the subject’s hand to walk him to the other side of the room, However, the clip has already divided opinion on digital platforms, as several users claim that the employee’s behavior crossed all limits and even pointed out that he went too far with Beyoncé. was going.

She needed help, but she could have gotten it elsewhere”, “She saw the opportunity and took it”, “That’s why you grab someone by the belt or waistline”, “That hand is not hers I was not supportive at all, let’s stop making excuses for this guy”, “Definitely suspicious”, “It’s obvious what he did”, are some of the comments that read .

Although there were also those who came out in defense of the subject and assured that the allegations are completely exaggerated, because all they did was do their job and help them:

Better to leave it? Because helping can backfire”, “Jeez, you’re really helping him”, “It’s your job to stop him. If she falls, they’ll probably sue her”, “I was just taking care of her”, “People need to rest, she did her job”, he said.

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