Video circulates in which they assert that Jenni Rivera is still alive despite the fact that her family confirmed her death

Almost 10 years after the death of Jenni Rivera, the speculations have not stopped that the “Diva de la Banda” is still alive. It should be remembered that It was December 9, 2012 when the media came to a standstill reporting Jenni’s unexpected death. After the singer was at the peak of her career, since then her fans have not let her musical legacy be forgotten.

Since that fateful date for the Riviera family and the followers of the so-called “Mariposa de barrio”, there have been many rumors that the famous singer could be alive.

Recently A new video circulates on social networks in which users assure that Jenni Rivera is still alive and that in addition to everything she lives with her brother Lupillo and her daughter Chiquis with whom she would have been fighting at the time of her supposed death.

It should be noted that this is not the first video of this type to come to public light, as they previously assured that a woman who is dedicated to giving cooking recipes on YouTube was Jenni Rivera since her voice is very similar to that of “The Diva of the band”.

According to the video that circulates on Tiktok, Jenni Rivera would be at a family meeting where tequila cannot be missed and although the singer is not seen, they assure that the woman who speaks is the same interpreter of songs like “Basta ya” and “Unforgettable”, among many others.

In said material you can also supposedly hear the laughter of Lupillo Rivera who would be living with his sister and niece Chiquis who they assure is reflected in a cell phone that appears on a table, but that is only real for the criteria of each person.

Without losing perspective, it should be noted that this is just one more speculation because so far It has not been proven that Jenni Rivera may be aliveOn the contrary, his brothers Juan and Lupillo have spoken very moved about the difficult moment they experienced when they traveled to Monterrey, NL, Mexico to identify the remains of their famous sister.

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