VIDEO: Driver threatens a motorist on Route 400 on the Comalapa highway with a machete

The new fact of intolerance on the road was recorded by a public transport passenger.

The driver of a pick up was captured when he threatened a motorist on Route 400 on the Comalapa highway with a machete.

The new act of intolerance was recorded by a female passenger upon noticing the threats made by the driver of a pick-up that also did not allow the bus to pass. Video: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

The new fact of intolerance was recorded by a passenger of the collective transportnoticing that the driver did not let the motorcyclist pass.

The minibus route runs from El Rosario, La Paz, to San Marcos, in San Salvador, and vice versa.

In the one-minute clip, the driver of the pick-up is seen when he crosses his vehicle to prevent the bus from passing, then advances for a few meters and stops again, this happened repeatedly.

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“If I try to pass him, he will corner me,” the motorcyclist is heard saying in his attempt to move forward on said road.

In the video, the pick-up can be seen crossing to prevent the route 400 minibus from passing. Photo EDH/ courtesy.

Meanwhile, the passengers advised him to pull over to the side of the lane and wait for the pick-up to leave, to avoid an argument. Others, in their anguish, asked the police for help.

In the last seconds of the video, the screams of the passengers are heard, as they observe that the driver takes his machete out the window and begins to threaten the motorist. “Let him go better,” recommend passengers.

The biker sticks a machete out the window and threatens the biker. EDH photo/ courtesy.

The video went viral on Facebook this morning, however the publication details that the incident occurred yesterday afternoon. It is unknown how the discussion originated.


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