Video game adaptation to debut in 2024

director producing adaptation Eli Roth Gearbox and 2K’s Borderlands video game series ended last June.

Seven months later, the director of Deadpool, Tim Millerhad to step in to handle the project’s two-week reshoots as Roth finally (after a 17-year wait) got the chance to make a feature film based on a mock trailer produced for Grindhouse, a Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez collaboration. found.

Roth’s Thanksgiving slasher is scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on the Friday before Thanksgiving, November 17, 2023. Now Deadline has reported that Borderlands will hit theaters almost eight months later, on August 2, 2024.

Earlier it was reported that the listeners of last of us, Craig MazinBorderlands, but according to Deadline, the final script was written by Roth and Joe Crombie.

film stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Edgar Ramirez, Jamie Lee Curtis, ariana greenblatt, Florian Munteanu, Haley Bennett, olivier richters, Gina Gershon, cheyenne jackson, Charles Babalola, Benjamin Byron Davis, steven boyer, bobby lee, Ryan Redmond, Penn Gillette And janina gavankawho plays “a major new character” named Commander Knox, a person who has not been in the video game. Jack Black Robot provides the sound of claptrap.

This is the official Borderlands synopsis:

Lilith (Blanchette), a notorious outlaw with a mysterious past, reluctantly returns to her home planet of Pandora to find the missing daughter of the universe’s most powerful HDP, Atlas (Ramirez). Lilith forms an alliance with an unlikely team: Roland (Hart), a former elite mercenary now desperate for redemption; Tiny Tina (Greenblatt), a brash teenage ex-subversionist; Craig (Munteanu), Tina’s muscular keeper; Tanis (Curtis), a scientist with a tenuous grasp on sanity; and Claptrap (Black), a perpetually intelligent robot.

These unlikely heroes must battle alien monsters and dangerous bandits to find and protect a missing girl who may hold the key to unimaginable power. The fate of the universe may be in their hands, but they’ll be fighting for something else: each other.

Borderlands is a production Avi Arad And Ari Aradwith Eric Feig by picturestart. gearbox installer randy pitchfordserves as executive producer with strauss zelnick by Take-Two Interactive.

Limit One of the most successful video game franchises in the world, with over 68 million units sold worldwide, including over 24 million units of Borderlands 2, the best-selling title in 2K history. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S in September 2019 best multiplayer game More at Gamescom 2019 best games in progress at Gamescom 2020.

First look at Eli Roth's Borderlands

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