Video games become medical therapy: what it is

Can video games become medical therapy? The project that could revolutionize the vision of the videogame world.

For several years we have been discussing the phenomena that video games have created or sharpened in the new generations. Is it addictive? Many studies clarify that prolonged use of consoles repeated over time can lead to many problems. Yet, in the last period we are discovering how there is the possibility of using the videogame world for purely medical purposes.

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For this reason, therefore, the news of the birth of a team of experts who intends to develop gods is certainly not surprising purely therapeutic titles. A way to create, then, real treatment paths to which you can undergo. It all started with Mike Wilson, co-founder of the Devolver Digital company, and Ryan Douglas, an expert in medical devices. Their mission? Through the creation of the new studio DeepWell Digital Therapeutics we will try to create video games that can help treat diseases such as depression and theADHDor attention deficit disorder.

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Video games as medical therapy: how does it work?

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An Xbox joystick resting on a table with a keyboard behind it (via pixabay)

The founders say they are enthusiastic because the historical moment is propitious to generate a turnaround in world culture. Video games, due to their capillarity, can become a fundamental tool in the care pathways and, therefore, become a real support in the service of science. The development company will aim, first of all, to create titles that can be engaging, otherwise it would be impossible to create a therapeutic path. Obviously, it must be emphasized how this system is does not in any way replace doctors and experts in the sector mental health, but support them and their patients. In addition, the introduction of digital therapies will make it possible to avoid having to subject products to rigorous drug testing.

The project involves experts from the world of video games and medicine from all over the world. One of the first goals is to create a Game Jam that every year can take place from1 and until 22 May. The goal, of course, is to create a real community that can support “Those who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression”as reported Tgcom 24. In short, an evolution that will allow us to re-evaluate the action of video games on people.

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