Video games: singer Aya Nakamura in Fortnite for an interactive show

Aya Nakamura, the most listened to French-speaking singer in the world, will deliver an interactive show available from October 6 to 9 in Fortnite, said Thursday, September 29 Epic Games, publisher of the video game phenomenon fond of this kind of collaboration.

The “tailor-made and interactive show” of the Bamako-born artist’s “digital reconstruction” (avatar) “will be broadcast continuously for 72 hours” between Thursday October 6 and Sunday October 9.

Epic Games is accustomed to this kind of bridge with celebrities, such as in the recent past the American rap star Travis Scott, or the Brazilian football star Neymar.

In the summer of 2021, an avatar of American singer Ariana Grande performing some of her songs appeared throughout a weekend on Fortnite. Players could choose an option to go on a bit of an adventure with the pop and R&B artist, drawn as a half-human, half-fantasy character, in a short blue scale outfit or a silver ensemble.

Purpose of this strategy: not just being a shooting and survival game, but taking on the appearance of an entertainment platform.

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world with nearly 200 million claimed players.

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