VIDEO: Laura Bozzo is warned by the production of “The House of Celebrities” because of her insults to Ivonne Montero

The renowned reality show, ‘The House of Celebrities 2’they go up more and more in level, because between the fights, the romances and the rumors, the participants begin to let their true face emerge before the public eye, the same one that witnessed the confrontation between Laura Bozzo and Yvonne Montero.

Although the original conflict was not with the star, the Peruvian only needed Montero to try to calm her down to attack herdenigrating her as a woman and disqualifying her for having a fulfilling sexual life.

“And you, Ivonne Montero, decide on a man because the example you set for your daughter is horrible, going from bed to bed”


Given this, the Mexican actress responded “Not my queen, you are not going to tell me what I have to do”, which only made the Peruvian more furious, who continued to shout against the vedette.

While Natalia Alcocer, who was Laura Bozzo originally arguing with, told the Peruvian that she was an old woman and that she would not fight with herwhich caused the driver to get out of her boxes, after which she ranted against Montero.

Alcocer intervened again, assuring that Bozzo did not have the right to express himself in this way about women who are mothers, for which he called her “raving”.

After the encounter between the famous, the production of LCDLF2 issued a warning in which it said that it would not tolerate disrespect or discriminatory speeches, which Internet users interpreted as a direct threat to what was shouted by Laura Bozzowho during the broadcast of the message remained serious and with an expression tending to annoyance.

“None of you will be happy to be associated with discriminatory speeches, offensive, aggressive, disqualifying speeches or speeches that violate the dignity of another person,” was heard to say in LCFLF2.

For its part, Ivonne Montero did not allow Laura Bozzo’s comments to affect her and even joked with her classmates that she would sleep with Lewis that daysince according to what they say “She goes from bed to bed.”

Given this, the followers of the vedette took the time to edit messages and clips of support for their idol in which they assure that she is “the true queen of reality.”

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