VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar compares the life of his parents with ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ and is already preparing his bioseries

The Aguilar Dynasty began its legacy more than 50 years ago, since the initiators of the famous family Don Antonio and Doña Flor Silvestre were not only successful professionally but also in their personal livesas they formed one of the strongest families in entertainment.

Their imprint has transcended over the years and they managed to make it last through the Mexican regional, as they remain in the memory of the public, so now a bioseries about his legacy is being prepared, although first a project focused on the trajectory and love story of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre will be launched.

Pepe Aguilar confirmed in an interview for “Ventaneando” that a bioseries about his parents is underway, it will tell the story of each one and the path to fame during which they met resulting in one of the most famous families in the industry.

The singer of “You are going to miss me” pointed out that his parents’ life was full of melodramas and compared it to the television series “La Rosa de Guadalupe”, especially that of Flor Silvestre who made her way into the industry during a time when there were more obstacles for women.

“Non-stop drama story until he meets my dad, when he meets my dad after having a lot of drama in his life, the love story becomes”said Pepe Aguilar when talking about his father’s triumphs such as his invitation to sing at the White House.

This was the love story of Don Antonio Aguilar and Doña Flor Silvestre

Thanks to his talent on stage Antonio Aguilar quickly won over the public, but while he gained fame as a singer he managed to conquer the heart of Guillermina Jiménez Chabolla, the real name of Flor Silvestremaking their love story worth telling.

The actress was also a radio host when “Toni” Aguilar was invited to talk about her career, although they pointed out that it was love at first sight, more years had to pass before they formalized their relationship and began a life together.

They starred in the film “The footprint of the jackal” in 1955 and Two years later they joined once again in the movie “El Rayo de Sinaloa”, at which point the spark between them began when Antonio Aguilar stole a kiss from him. between horses that were part of the production.

The couple married in 1959 at the “El Soyate” ranch in Zacatecas, a place that witnessed their personal and professional growth for more than 40 years.. Site that has now become a space for one of the dynasties that continue to cause an impact in the Mexican region.

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