VIDEO. Pigeon wing, sombrero kick, dribbling… Cristiano Ronaldo has taken up rugby!

This amateur rugby player took himself for Cristiano Ronaldo while crossing the field with the ball at his feet. (©Screenshot)

This is THE video of amateur rugby which is making the buzz on the web, at the beginning of the week. Across the Channel, a player distinguished himself with a beautiful test in mode footballer.

A feat of 100 meters!

Pigeon wing, throwing a sombrero over an opponent and crazy dribbling all the way to the in-goal… This amateur rugby player will long remember this test as a soloist, in the face and under the beard of totally helpless opponents and dumbfounded. Admire this awesome feat!

One would almost believe that it is the striker with 5 Ballons d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo, in open conflict with his English club Manchester United, from which he is about to be ousted, but the Portuguese does not is obviously not set to rugby. Nothing says, however, if this amateur rugby player has received proposals to change sports and take up football, but he has, in any case, the technique to shine with a round ball in his feet.

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