Video| Selena Gomez yelling at safety guard at Beyoncé live performance goes viral

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Selena Gomez She is among the most cherished singers, aside from her innumerable musical hits, films and sequence, she is understood for the well-known vocals. One of the kindest celebrities together with his followersand it is proof Your heated dialog with a safety guard in certainly one of Beyoncé live performance in Paris.

For him, his followers are essential and if one thing like What she does not tolerate is that her safety workforce does not deal with them like they deserve or that they do not allow them to get near her.

Selena Gomez Going On Beyonce’s “Rebirth” Tour Stop french stadium In Paris when he stopped to yell at a person who was following him.

Why did Selena Gomez yell at a safety guard?

In Twitter footage from a fan shared over the weekend, he “pointed in the other direction as an alumnus ofWizards of Waverly PlaceHe was looking very angry with her.

Social media users speculated that the man was part of Gomez’s personal security team, as he was seen following her in several videos during the concert.

While some claim that the 30-year-old she was angry for “being late”Others reportedly praised the bodyguard for “standing up for his followers”. He was “powerful” on them.

A Twitter user posted a video of the man holding Gomez’s friend, Raquel StevensSame night

,This literally proves that she pushed people last night, lmaothe fan wrote, and another called it “very aggressive,

Gomez was certainly one of a number of celebrities who attended Beyoncé’s efficiency on May 10, two weeks after the beginning of her tour.

Why did Selena Gomez yell at a safety guard?

singer determined to stroll the streets of Paris, France and He didn’t hesitate to spend time together with his followers to take images with them, however his bodyguards tried to cease him. And he had a brusque and impolite demeanor that the interpreter did not like in any respect.

Assistants, who had been with cameras able to take an image with Selena, captured the second during which the singer, monumental rage, He has addressed the worker alleging his perspective in the direction of his followers.

The artist, who’s within the French capital for a number of days, stops from time to time to greet her followers, signal autographs and take photos with them, one thing that fills her very a lot.

on the finish of it Video It might be seen how a single bodyguard doesn’t permit this to occur. raquel vanSelena Gomez’s buddy and assistant, chopping her up with a sudden motion to chunk him, But when he realized it was his confederate, he let him enter the car.

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