Video: The mystique of Kuzco, the protagonist of the brand new “Transformers” film

The mysticism of Cuzco and Machu Picchu is the setting for the brand new installment of the saga “Transformers, The Awakening of the Beasts,” a movie the place the ability of epic battles between robots is mixed with Peruvian Andean tradition and eerie landscapes. you breathless

“Certainly, Cuzco and Peru have a prominent role in the film, it puts us in the eyes of the whole world. It is an encouragement to those who know more about our country and want to see it from the inside and the outside.” are,” the head of the image and country brand office of the Commission for the Promotion of Exports and Tourism of Peru told EFE (PromPeru). , Carmen Julia Garcia, at the premiere of the film for the press.

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The film, produced by Steven Spielberg, opens in Peruvian cinemas on Wednesday, June 7. It is the seventh installment in the saga based on robotic cars and most of the story takes place in Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and the jungle of the region of San. Martin.

Despite being a type of film where action and special effects predominate, the Peruvian landscape, culture, music, history are not a simple background and are part of the story of good and evil between the “Autobots” and the “Decepticons”. ,

The director of Cuzco’s Decentralized Culture Directorate, Maritza Rosa Candia, told EFE that the film project has greatly respected the ruins of Machu Picchu at the time of filming, where the team suffered “altitude illness” like traditions. Of the country, which makes the world discover the Andean culture of Peru.

The affection shown towards the country is transferred to the characters, even if they are robots, as the film portrays the Peruvian jungle as a place where the “maximals”, legendary mechanized animals wish to stay and admire individuals. have realized. human species.

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The heroes journey via the jungle of Tarapoto with its glittering waterfalls, courageous the streets of the Sacred Valley and stroll via the slender streets of Cuzco and even dance within the Plaza de Armas that Inti Remi Or is stuffed with shade for the celebration of the competition. of the solar.

Candia stated, “They showed customs that happen every year such as Inti Remy, the Plaza de Armas colorful and people dancing, something that is also part of our intangible culture.” Appreciate a dwelling heritage of the nation.

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To the rhythm of Andean festive music, the characters try to resolve puzzles and discover fantasy temples impressed by the Inca Empire.

In this sense, one of the spectacular scenes within the movie is after they arrive and one of the mysterious and mysterious factors of the imperial metropolis is proven, the Temple of Sacchayuman.

It is a ceremonial escape on high of a hill devoted to the god Illapa, or god of lightning, and the place the Incas fought one among their hardest battles towards the Spanish in 1536.

The excessive level of modernity, steel, transformation and particular results with Andean tradition happens when a gaggle of robots meet a local group, the Queros, individuals who communicate solely Quechua at present and who assist the protagonist full his mission. We do.

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“One of the creators of the saga, Lorenzo de Bonaventura, is influenced by Peru (…), the truth is that he has taken great advantage of Cuzco and the Tarapoto jungle. It shows many parts of the country that are not familiar to us But not for the rest of the world,” said Bruno Canale, executive producer for Apple Producciones Peru, after the screening.

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Presenting the charm and magic of this largely Andean country will result in an increase in tourism in the coming months, according to estimates from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

“Our expectation is that next year we will have a beautiful problem that is over-demand, in this case, it forces us to make decisions on investment, infrastructure and access improvements to be ready,” said the portfolio. The minister explained. EFE from Juan Mathews.

In addition to attracting visitors, García concluded with the sentiment that the film captures the distinctive mysticism of the Inca capital and that goes beyond the screen, “all Peruvians are going to really feel immensely pleased with.”

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