VIDEO: The scolding that Jennifer López would be giving to Ben Affleck so that he does not go too far

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are trending again, after a video was leaked showing how the singer makes sure that the actor is not drinking alcohol, by testing his glass to rule out that it had some kind of substance ethyl because, as we know, JLo’s husband has faced a severe fight against alcoholism for years.

JLo takes care of Ben Affleck not to relapse into drinking

For a few days, a video of the “after party” of the premiere of “An Explosive Wedding” has been circulating on social networks, the most recent film by JLo, in which she stars alongside Josh Duhamel, in which you can see the singer addressing her husband, Ben Affleck, who is taking a sip from his drink, so Lopez reaches out to make sure said drink does not contain alcohol.

In the images, released by the journalist Allison Witucki, it can be seen that Jennifer, visibly annoyed, directs a disapproving look at Ben who, in turn, watches her with an anguished expression as soon as she gives way to try the actor’s drink. , immediately, placed on the table that is in front of the two.

In addition, a TikTok user edited the video that Witucki shared to add the phrases that he thought Affleck would have gesticulated at that moment, in which he apparently explains to JLo that he has not drunk anything and, given the expression of disagreement from his wife, insists and repeats her name, however, there is insufficient evidence to show that this was what the actor really said.

Since 2001, Ben Affleck has been fighting against his alcoholism

Affleck’s fight against alcohol addiction has followed him, practically, throughout his entire career, as he has gone to rehab three times, in 2001, 2017 and 2018. In fact, the 50-year-old actor has been harshly criticized, because he has accused his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, of being responsible for his drinking, because it was the way he escaped from his reality, realizing that he was not happy in his marriage, which he did not want to get rid of either for the sake of his children.

In an interview that the actor gave to “The Howard Stern Show” in 2021, he said that he believed that, if he remained married to Garner, he would most likely continue to drink, a statement that was severely questioned, because the actress accompanied him throughout his rehabilitation process, to the point that, when they were already divorced, it was she who accompanied him to hospital for the last time in 2018; It has been said that his ex-wife considered these statements as “a slap in the face.”

For the actor, in reality, the determining factor that helped him get ahead and leave his addictions behind was the filming of “The way back”, a 2020 film in which he gave life to former basketball player Jack Cunningham, who experienced an addiction to alcohol that prevented him from continuing his prolific career in sports, so Affleck identified with a character like never before, to such an extent that he became one of the favorites to be nominated for best performance at the Oscars. of that year, however, he was not chosen by the academy to be part of that category.

JLo and Affleck, their love story

The love story between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has a long history that precedes it because, although not even a year has passed since the couple celebrated their wedding, the first time they were together was in 2002, a time when they starred in one of the most popular Hollywood romances, in fact, it was precisely the harassment of the cameras and the constant publications about their relationship that caused their commitment to dissolve in 2004.

After their separation, Jennifer gave herself a chance in love, next to Marc Anthony, with whom she was married from 2004 to 2011 and had twins Emme and Max. Ben Affleck did the same and married Jennifer Garner, with whom he was married from 2005 to 2015, during which time they had her three children; Violet Anne, Seraphina Rose and Samuel.

However, with the passage of time, both realized that their marriages had not worked out, so after a few years of getting divorced and trying again with other couples, they met again but not only revived old times, but also began a romance that would eventually lead them to the altar, as they had sought 18 years before, being protagonists of two movie weddings; one officiated in Las Vegas (July 16) and the other, a luxurious and unforgettable ceremony where those who love you the most accompany you (August 21, 2022).

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