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The boy was discharged and is in recovery.


Instagram: @yanfryeltiernooficial

The boy was released from the hospital and is in recovery.

‘The boy who walks like a man’ is now the protagonist of an important brand.

This Wednesday, Yanfry, “the boy who walks like a man”, reappeared on social networks. This time he didn’t go with his famous gait or appearing with his uncle, who records it and posts it on TikTok.

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This time, the boy has made a starring appearance in a short video about his ‘tenacious’ dayin which you have to prepare breakfast, take the car to the workshop and leave some clear accounts.

The piece is an advertisement made to promote an important brand of chocolate and oatmeal, and It already has almost 192,000 ‘likes’ on Instagram.

What a greeting from Yanfry costs

Yanfry, like many celebrities and social media influencers, has joined a platform where he can be contacted and hired to record videos and personalized messages.

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As indicated in his Cameo profile, ‘the boy who walks like a man’ sends personalized messages from 125,000 pesos.

The platform allows you to indicate if the message you want is congratulations for a birthday, a joke about a topic, a small conversation or another topic.

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