Videos emerge of new vocalist on stage

We recently learned that Caliber 50 had been left without a vocalist, Eden Munozwould have left the grouping to do other projectsso the call was made to find someone who would fill the space well.

would be a member of the MS band, David Castrowho would become part of this great band, being a trumpeter and accordionist, now becomes his role in voice, being such a talented boy that he will surely be a success, although of course there are always fans who will not be able to accept to the band without the original singer.

It was through a video tik tok where the users were listening to the voice de Castro, in the comments it is reflected that everyone feels that their doorbell is very similar to that of Eden.

Some even joked that they had only changed the person and not the voice, in truth he has a very powerful way of projecting his words into the microphone, something that really distinguishes him is his handling of the stage and that power already mentioned.

The piece of entertainment managed to gather hundreds of thousands of reproductions and I like it, apparently there is a lot of expectation regarding the new lineup of the group, surely expecting a lot from this new member.

It is also said that some other person could come to try to fight for the position, but so far everything seems to indicate that David Castro will be the one officially chosen.

We will have to continue waiting for the information, meanwhile Caliber 50 thanks all the people who sent their videos as casting, assuring that there are very good candidates and also congratulating everyone for their great effort.

In Show News and continue discovering the confirmation of this new integration and also about music, shows, entertainment and more.

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