Vigo pharmacies are trying to stop sexually transmitted infections

pharmacy Vigo and the entire province of Pontevedra yesterday launched a health campaign called “Break the chain of infection”, which focuses on education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The initiative comes after studying “alarming data” from the World Health Organization that suggests more than a million people are contracting infections of similar characteristics every day.

This fact is due, among other things, to growing increase in risky sexual practices and the lack of health education on this issue, especially among young people.

According to the Main Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, the incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in Galicia is 29 people infected gonococcal infectioneight times syphilis and a “highly alarming” figure that represents a rate of 58 infections per 100,000 inhabitants caused by chlamydia.

The President of the College of Pharmacists of Pontevedra, Beatriz García, noted that “this high increase in the infection rate” of about 20% of the main STIs in a very short period of time, in the last two years, with special incidence in the age segment from 20 to 24 years, “made us think about organizing this action in pharmacies.” He states that this is not an individual problem, but rather a public health problem due to its high incidence and potential consequences, and that is why they will provide information that will help understand these ailments and how to prevent them.

The goal is to inform and raise awareness about the importance of advocacy and they hope to reach families, educators and young people. They believe that population group most at risk Infection is teenagersand that prevention efforts should be prioritized as sexual practices increasingly occur at younger ages and there are other individual behavioral factors such as drug use, chemsex, contact app use and changes in sexual behavior patterns that make them more vulnerable to infection.

As a promotional material, they have brochures for youth and a poster that can be seen in the windows of 437 pharmacies in the province, with which you can attract the attention of fathers, mothers, teachers with the message “The chances that your daughter or son has contracted a sexually transmitted infection , continues to increase,” while the increase in the number of infected people in recent years in Most common STIs: syphilis – orange, gonococcal infection – dark blue and chlamydia – blue.

Cases of infection with chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis have increased.

In Spain and also in Vigo, increase in cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, which are among the most common sexually transmitted infections, as stated in the latest Sexually Transmitted Infections Surveillance Report published in February 2023. The number of reported cases of gonococcal infection at the state level is 23,300, 8,100 for syphilis and 26,500 for chlamydial infection, representing a percentage increase of approximately 22 percent over the past five years, with a large increase over the past two years.

The pharmacists’ promotion includes distribution of information brochures and posters which will be displayed in the windows of the province’s 437 pharmacies with the message “The chances of your daughter or son contracting a sexually transmitted infection continue to increase.” In addition, three schools will host talks for students aged 13 to 15 years.

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