Vikings: Aslaug’s theory that would have changed part of the show’s plot

Although Vikings ended in 2020, fans continue to talk about the popular show, creating various hypotheses that surprise everyone. But, there is a theory about Aslaug that could have changed the history of the show.

The popular History Channel and Amazon Prime Video series, vikings, he turned to real historical events and characters for inspiration, mixing them with known mythologies. Making the Nordic saga completely unique in the field of television, obtaining worldwide recognition. Despite all the events that happened on the show and the end of it, fans keep coming up with interesting theories.

Vikings: Was Aslaug actually a witch or seer?

The first seasons of Vikings centered its narrative around Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) and his wife Lagertha (Katherine Winnick), in addition to the various people in his inner circle. As the show’s story progressed, so did their marriage, especially when Aslaug first appeared (Alyssa Sutherland).

Aslaug is a princess from the lands of Götaland. She is the intelligent and beautiful daughter of the famous dragon slayer Sigurd, a hero in the sagas who slew the dragon Fafnir, and the shield maiden Brynhildr. Although she never met them due to the fact that they died. At first it is revealed that she is a völva, which means that she can see the future through visions.

However, some characters, including Lagertha, cast Aslaug as a usurper, and even wild theories about her being a witch. But, after the fights of Ragnar and Lagertha after losing his son in a miscarriage, he decided to marry Aslaug, because she would also get children and soldiers from her land.

But the fans of vikings have been talking about a curious theory in which they claim that the plot of the program would have changed completely if Aslaug had been a real witch. Above all, because of a compelling case that the series presented when she and Lagerha had to face each other to recover Kattegat, and in which she ended up being killed.

“When Lagertha finally decided to storm Kattegat, and after the battle confronts Aslaug, Aslaug’s only demand is that she walk away with her life.”

Vikings: The theory of Aslaug as a witch bewitching Lagertha

“Well right after that Lagertha kills her and the camera switches to Aslaug’s face and she’s smiling,” said one fan.

According to the fan’s theory, Aslaug being a witch, may have somehow cast a spell on Lagertha when she stormed Kattegat. But, the only way to activate her curse was for her to end up killed, which is why when it happened you only see her face smiling with happiness. Although there are some doubts about it, because Lagertha managed to recover the city and lead it many years from then.

The simplest explanation may be that Aslaug dies knowing that her children will surely seek to avenge her death, and that Lagertha will not rule Kattegat for long. But in such a case, it would not be a curse, but something obvious from the story that the series was presenting to us. vikings.

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