Vikings: they are the brothers of Katheryn Winninck and you did not realize that they appear in the series

If we were to dedicate these lines to confirming that Katherine Winnick She is one of the most outstanding actresses of “Vikings” and that in her role as Lagertha she became one of the most beloved characters in the series, it would be obvious. For this reason, discounting the fact that all fans of the Netflix series take it for granted that Katheryn and Lagertha will live forever in our hearts, we are going to tell you about the other two Winnicks who appear in “Vikings” and, surely, you had not noticed.

We talked about two of the brothers of Katherine Winnickwho had participations in the series “Vikings”, although they went unnoticed even by the biggest fans. If Lagertha herself had to confess that her brothers Adam and Markjan were in some episodes! Even the Canadian actress with Ukrainian descent said that one of the episodes where her brother Adam acted was directed by herself.

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