Vikings: What was the character death that caused the most joy in its interpreter

When little more than a year has passed since the end of Vikings and just days before the premiere of its long-awaited spin-off Vikings: Valhalla, the best-known faces of the original story and its characters today more than ever continue to be of interest.

The announcement of the arrival of the sequel Vikings: Valhallahasn’t made fans put aside his original series vikings, especially the anecdotes and curiosities that surrounded the series and some other interesting theories about the possibility that some of its most iconic characters will be present in the spin-off. From her famous cast, everything about the actress Katherine Winnick who gave life to the legendary shieldmaiden lagertha in one way or another he always remains in the center of the public eye.

Vikings: In the opinion of Katheryn Winnick, the closure of her character’s arc was the best

As you may recall, Vikings: Valhalla will be broadcast on the Netflix platform on February 25, 2022, set a century after the exploits of the most iconic characters for fans of stories about Nordic warriors led by Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons. The legends of this saga will come to life on the screen again, this time in streaming. With the creators of the Vikings series, Michael Hirst and Jeb Stuart, united again.

One of the cast members of Vikings who has remained in the headlines of the entertainment press is actress and director Katheryn Winnick, known throughout the world for her character as the fierce and courageous warrior Lagertha. She earned her way to be an important part of the backbone of the narrative, even after her death in the first part of the sixth and last season in a tragic ending that the artist herself promoted, since in her opinion she had completed its cycle.

Although during her participation and after her departure from Vikings, Winnick did not allow herself to rest on the laurels of fame that Lagertha gave her, staying active in other projects such as the series big skyhis comments in some interviews with the media about his passage through Vikings and the true circumstances surrounding his departure, never go unnoticed by the followers of the famous program and the actress.

“I was ready to leave earlier, I’m not going to lie,” she has stated more than once.

The actress explained that she couldn’t leave Vikings earlier because with the departure of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) in the fourth season, the weight of the program fell not only on the adventures of her children but also on what Lagertha would do. Added to this important dramatic turn was the insistence of its creator Michael Hirst about the importance of his character in the continuity of the production. Faced with such responsibility, Winnick had no choice but to give in, however luckily for him, this decision would later give him the opportunity to enjoy his death in fiction.

Vikings: Katheryn Winnick said goodbye to Lagertha in one of the most epic scenes of the series

As you may remember, for the first part of the last season of Vikings we saw Lagertha become a grandmother, ready to retire and return to the simple farm life of her early years as Ragnar’s wife, but she doesn’t stay that way for long. Bandits come looking to take revenge on her son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig). They attack a nearby town and Lagertha unearths her sword as the legendary shieldmaiden and comes face to face with the bandit leader. Lagertha emerges victorious, but not before sustaining serious injuries that ultimately lead to her tragic death and his epic farewell in the best viking style.

Katheryn has reiterated every chance she gets that it was the right time, which in her opinion made a lot of sense considering how much her character’s arc had accomplished in the story. At a time when life expectancy was no more than forty, Lagertha in her late fifties had enjoyed an intense life as a woman and leader, eventually becoming a grandmother, mother of a king, and securing her legacy as the greatest known female warrior in Viking history. About how she received the news of her character’s death, the actress said:

“Well, it’s been coming for a long time. It was always part of the conversation, Lagertha can’t live forever. I think originally I only had to stay for a couple of years and now it’s been six seasons and Lagertha is a granny and still alive. So we needed to find a good way to end her story.”

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