Vin Diesel allegedly behind Justin Lin’s departure

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A few days ago, we learned that the director of Fast X, Justin Lin, had jumped ship. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vin Diesel would be responsible for this departure.

While filming FastX had just started, Justin Lin had announced his departure from the position of director. The latter not only had to realize FastX, but also the eleventh installment of the franchise. If this decision had been put on the back of “artistic disputes”, it would seem that Vin Diesel is responsible for the departure of Justin Lin.

Indeed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Lin, the film’s co-writer, was reportedly fed up with the constant changes to the script. In addition, another screenwriter had to intervene to refine certain dialogues. But it would also seem that it was a question of budget linked to changes in filming locations, some of which were in Eastern Europe.

Also according to the article, during a meeting, the production and Vin Diesel would have made yet another change to the script of the film. It was then that there would have been a “major disagreement” between the star of the film and the director. Justin Lin would have simply slammed the door saying: “This movie is not worth my sanity. »

However, a Universal spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter: “Any creative differences leading up to Justin Lin’s exit were with the studio, not the other producers, cast, or crew. »

According DeadlineLouis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) would be approached to replace Justin Lin in the production of FastX.

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