Vin Diesel would have caused the surprise departure of the director of Fast X

A “major disagreement” at the end of April between Justin Lin and the star would have been the final straw…

After five films and years of collaboration, he was fed up. The water drop. While the production of Fast & Furious 10 was beginning, Justin Lin left the ship. A priori tired by the stranglehold of Vin Diesel on the franchise. This is suggested by a long paper from the Hollywood Reporter, which tries to explain what has happened in recent weeks, behind the scenes of Fast X.

Lin – who was helping write the film alongside directing – was unhappy with the constant changes to the script. Changes made by Universal Studios and by Vin Dieselwhich would have cut off key locations as they were in Eastern Europe and possibly exposed to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Other problems with the script then arose, and this is where THR says that Justin Lin tried to “draw a line in the sand“, to establish its authority. Until April 23, 2022. At the end of last month, an ultimate “major disagreement” between him and Vin Diesel prompted an emergency meeting to be called, after the star actor discussed further adjustments. Four people attended, and according to a source, Lin left the meeting and the set: “Justin finally had enough and said it wasn’t all worth risking his sanity!”

Universal responds to this Hollywood Reporter article by mentioning creative differences between Lin and the studio, and “not with other producers, cast or crew”. Moreover, the studio recalls having reached an agreement with Lin, so that he remains on board in a role of producer. Lin would also have given his blessing to the technical team to stay despite his departure. But THR insists that Diesel’s involvement in the franchise has grown exponentially in recent years, “becoming a personality to be reckoned with (…) someone who is a dominant, a force on set who isn’t afraid to flex his muscles”. Which has already caused a huge clash with Dwayne Johnson in particular.

Hollywood fantasy or reality on the set, in any case, it’s Louis Leterrier, the director of L‘Incredible Hulk and of Lupine, who takes over the job behind the camera. And he will be under pressure. Because in addition to the imposing presence of Vin DieselTHR specifies that Universal has already invested a package in Fast X : the film’s budget would have already reached nearly 300 million dollars (including more than 100 million dollars for the salaries of all its stars). Suffice to say that failure is not an option.

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