Vince Zampella of Respawn takes over the reins of the game and the series –

Big changes for the Battlefield series, which after the difficult launch of Battlefield 2042 is leading to a real leadership revolution, with the departure of GM Oskar Gabrielson and the arrival of Vince Zampella of Respawn to save the game and to the direction of the franchise same.

Basically Zampella will have to guide the transition of Battlefield from a series based on single games, to an expanded universe which will lead different titles. Former Bungie Marcus Lehto, to whom we owe the Halo and Master Chief series, and Ripple Effect, the studio that oversaw the Portal mode of Battlefield 2042, which apparently is already developing a new experience related to the game, will also be part of the project. .

For now, there are no specifics on which Battlefield games we can expect for the future. What is known is that they will have a new narrative framework and that they will aim to expand the franchise.

Laura Honey, the COO of Electronic Arts, has defined Zampella as the right person to lead Battlefield into the future, given his resume studded with stellar hits such as the Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor and the most recent Apex Legends.

For Miele, Zampella created entertaining works that greatly influenced the collective culture and its ability to lead development studies. triple A it is now clear: “I believe his vision and skills will allow Battlefield to excel like never before. Nobody knows shooters and live service games better than Vince.

Zampella himself is excited about his new role and said that Electronic Arts has plans to significantly increase the number of developers working on the Battlefield franchise, advising everyone to look at the vacancies and submit a resume.

Zampella did not mention the games in development already in production, but he defined the Battlefield universe as a universe full of potential, both from the point of view narrative, both from that of gameplay. Considering that Battlefield 2042 really lacks a single player side, we’ll see what the future holds.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, spoke about the possibility of the arrival of a Battlefield free-to-play in the future. Zampella has not confirmed, but has said that all available options will be explored to make the series express its maximum potential.

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