Vincent Aboubakar attacks Cristiano: “I always thought Messi was better”

Cristiano Ronaldo is waiting to make his official debut with Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia. A sanction that was carried from the Premier League of England, has postponed the presentation on the field for the Portuguese team, who on Friday was watching the game from a box.

One of the figures of the Asian team, Vincent Aboubakar and that everything indicates will terminate his contract in order to open a gap for the former Real Madrid player, attacked ‘CR7’ by pointing out that the Argentinian star of PSG, Lionel Messiwho recently ended one of the great controversies that was winning a World Cup, is better than the Portuguese.

“I always thought that Messi was better than Ronaldo, but after training with Ronaldo, I realized that he was right”the 30-year-old forward has released, according to information reproduced by ‘NTV Spor’.

one misstep

This way Cristiano Ronaldo’s Asian adventure has not started in the best wayWell, Aboubakar is not the only one who seems to support Messi more than his own. Some statements from the current strategist of al nassrRudi García, surely did not like the Portuguese.

“I tried to bring Messi from Doha” was the joke he made at a press conference shortly before Cristiano arrived in Arab lands. Beyond the fact that it was a simple joke from the coach, he did not hide his admiration for the footballer who plays for PSG.

Cristiano still carries a one-match ban and although he counts the hours to make his long-awaited debut with the Asian team, the reality is that the tension has already begun to be felt in the dressing room

As revealed by journalist Ben Jacobs, Aboubakar has not terminated his contract with the Arab club yet, but things are going in that direction. “Conversations continue to find the best solution for Aboubakar and Al-Nassr after the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo,” the aforementioned communicator wrote on his Twitter account.

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