Viola Davis joins The Hunger Games prequel

Viola Davis joins The Hunger Games prequel

Viola Davis joins The Hunger Games prequel

The new Hunger Games movie continues to recruit an all-star cast. After adding celebrities such as Peter Dinklage, Rachel Zegler and Hunter Schafer, it is confirmed that it will also feature the Oscar winner Viola Davis in an antagonistic role that will put her back in charge of a sinister project: organize the lethal contest that gives title. to the film.

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In accordance with dead line, Viola Davis has joined Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes as Volumnia Gaul, the boss in charge of designing the games. As you know, the film will be set decades before the events of the first installment. This He Said About Signing The Oscar Winner Nathan Kahanepresident of the Lionsgate study:

The Hunger Games has always been elevated for its exceptional cast and we are excited to continue that tradition with Viola Davis as Voluminia Gaul. Her formidable and powerful presence will add layers of complexity and menace to this story.

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes It will focus on the young years of who in the original saga is President Snow of Panem. As the country prepares for the tenth edition of the games. It is there that he learns to become an expert political manipulator when the tribute from District 12, played by Zegler, defies the capitol by singing and stealing the attention of the public.

The prequel will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously handled the other titles in the franchise. To that same medium, the filmmaker revealed that Davis had been her main candidate for this character and that it will be from her that Snow will learn to be so cruel. So it’s not just a cameo or a minor role for this acclaimed actress.

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It sounds, in fact, somewhat similar to what he has done in the past for DC. In that other franchise, Davis plays Amanda Waller, an operator of the American government who is in charge of executing black operations with a group of supervillains whom she forces to work for her in exchange for reductions in their sentences and under the threat of blowing their heads. . This in The Suicide Squad (91%), her predecessor and even in Peacemaker (86%).

Davis will have a busy year, not only filming this movie, but with a highly anticipated release this year: the king woman. This is a historical epic based on true events about the regent of one of the most powerful kingdoms in Africa in the 17th century, which is planned to be released in September.

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