Viola Davis’s Woman King breaks stereotypes in Hollywood

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There is a myth ingrained in Hollywood that women do not do, nor consume, the action genre; there is nothing more false than that, to show the work he has done Gina Prince-Bythewood with the king woman and other tapes like The old guard.

The filmmaker presented her most recent film at the Morelia International Film Festival, starring Viola Davis. In a virtual chat, Gina shared how important it is dismantle stereotypes of women in the Hollywood industry.

“Being a woman and being able not only to tell personal stories, but also action stories, is important. In Hollywood there is a fallacy that women don’t want to and can’t do action and can’t see either; That is not true”, he added.

The story takes the viewer on a journey to the Africa of 1820to tell the epic inspired by real events that occurred in the kingdom of Dahomey, where a military cell made up only of women prepares to fight against the invading troops.

“I love the greatness of the script, the great battles; the truly beautiful thing is to realize that this is an intimate story about a mother and her daughter. This type of film connects with me, because I am adopted”, said the filmmaker.

“I feel grateful to my parents, that journey to know who you are and where you come from is incredible, I wanted to include my first meeting with my biological mother in the story, because as a filmmaker you have to connect with what you tell”, he added.

In terms of representation, the film is important, and it found a path opened by the success of other stories about African culture, such as Black PantherI know how it felt to never see myself reflected on screen or in the heroic roles”, he confessed.

“My fight to put black women and men on screen is to see ourselves reflected, and that is inspiring; that the world sees us in a different way than they usually put us, ”he added.

Black Power

After the success of Black Pantherthe industry discovered a new window, “we have fought for years, Hollywood realized that there were large audiences for these stories.”

“My hope is that all women see the film and see themselves reflected.”

The protagonist, Viola Davis, and the rest of the cast had a complex physical preparation; the actress gives life to the general Nanisca, leader of the Dahomean legion of warrior women known as the Agojie.

On historical accuracy, at the time, Viola commented that “the kingdom was in a process of change and looking for a way to keep its civilization alive. Most of the history of the tape is fictional, it should be like this”.


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