Violence in NY: Gaal’s husband received a message from the murderer

While the authorities of the city of New York Investigations into the murder of Orsolya Gaal51, murdered in the basement of her home, the woman’s husband, Howard Klein He reported that he received “a chilling message” from the alleged perpetrator of the crime that said: “Follow your whole family.”

Howard Klein during the event he was in the city of Portland with his eldest son, visiting universities.

The authorities, according to the information they were able to collect, indicate that Gaal told his youngest son, 13, that he would be watching a show last Friday night, but would have met another man, according to a PIX11 report. News.

Surveillance cameras were able to capture the figure of the man around 4:00 am on Holy Saturday, dragging a canvas bag where Gaal’s body left a thread of blood in its wake from his house to the point where he dumped the corpse, the which was discovered four hours later by a person walking his dogs.

The crime took place in one of the most exclusive areas of Queens, on Juno Street in Forest Hills, in a Tudor-style house, valued at some two million dollars. According to reports, no neighbor would have heard or seen anything strange.

The woman’s youngest son was questioned by the police, handcuffed and taken to the station, but was released at night. It is unknown if his father has him in custody.

Howard Klein He told The New York Post that his family was in danger, but he did not give details of the message he received and it was not clear if he knew the killer.

“[Mi hijo] Leo is safe. Thanks god [mi hijo] he’s safe,” the father told the Post on Saturday.

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