Viral Pearl Harbor scene where Bruce Willis is believed to appear and has generated many theories

Bruce Willis He is one of the most acclaimed Hollywood actors after a long career in which he has starred in many hit films such as The Sixth Sense, Armageddon or Pulp Fiction. The actor has also won millions of fans with his talent in the action genre, during which he has occasionally suffered accidents, such as in the film Die Hard, where after filming a risky scene, the team felt that Willis’ Has died. where the sun’s tears set A pyrotechnic device hit him in the headAs you can see in the video above.

Unfortunately, Willis has retired from acting and in the film industry after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a rare type of dementia that affects his communication, language and personality.

However due to his current condition his return to the big screen seems quite unlikely old hollywood legend Has been remembered on social networks. This theory states that the iconic Willis appears playing the role of john mclaneHis character in Die Hard, As an extra in the film Pearl Harbor From 2001 directed by Michael Bay and which narrates the events that take place in 1941 during World War II.

In the heated and chaotic scene lasting 12 seconds, we can see Evelyn Johnson, played by Kate Beckinsale, arguing with Nurse Sandra, played by Jennifer Garner, after an aerial bombing. while the character Garner cried while caring for the injured.we see in the background One person was apparently the victim of this incident In a bloody white tank top, who walks with a limp, and whose haircut and physique are amazing He reminds me of Bruce Willis himself Whose clothes also match his character in Die Hard.

for now, Neither Willis nor director Bay have confirmedIt is trueBut many users on social networks have shared various theories Regarding Bruce’s alleged cameo, it was strange considering that the actor’s own appearance in the film strained relationship Which they both shared in 1998 after filming Armageddon.

Some users argue that Bay joins Bruce digitally in the background of the scene, which may explain why its image quality is lower than the rest of the scene. Others simply believe that it is a coincidence between physical similarities Extras and Willis’s own.

A group of users also ensure that Bay deliberately chose an extraIt seemed Mention of Willis’ character to reference the successful action film directed by John McTiernan.

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