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Margot Robbie is a Hollywood actress (USA) that has become extremely popular in the last 5 years, but no one expected that in TikTok the other side of this star could be found: ‘Unreal Margot’an account he keeps is chillingly similar to the performer, which is why he has become trend this social network deceiving millions.

TikTok It has become the home where many users have been tricked into thinking that their favorite stars joined the Chinese platform, who are known as “deepfakes”, just as it happened in his time, for example, with Tom Cruise either Robert Pattinsonwhich were so similar to the originals that not a few thought they had opened their own channel in this application.

A very convincing deepfake

The last of these is ‘Unreal Margot’which, as its name suggests, is a margot robbie which is not real, on the contrary, it is a recreation. The channel was opened in May 2022, and it did not take long for millions of users to think that it was the actress of the “Suicide Squad”.

Since its first publication, the deepfake has shared material where ‘Unreal Margot’ is compared to some of the actress’s most recognized roles. They are so alike that this further confused less perceptive users.

almost immediate success

So far, it has little more than 605.1 thousand followerswith the “I like it” surpassing the 3.6 millionwhile your video with highest views is above 25.6 million where we see her in a black evening dress as she moves around holding a bottle of wine and two glasses in both hands.

Given this, in the comments box the users expressed their doubts regarding the true identity of ‘Unreal Margot’: “Is this the real Margot Robbie?”, “ok, but how do you look more like Margot Robbie than Margot Robbie looks like Margot Robie?”, “you can see the clear deepfake when it leans forward; nonetheless, an excellent job”.

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