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In partnership with Dave Grutman, owner of several restaurants and nightclubs, famous Puerto Rican singer bad rabbit He made his first foray into the gastronomic world with a place specializing in oriental cuisine. Thus was born Gekko, a Japanese steakhouse restaurant located at 8SE 8th ST in Miami, Florida, USA.

A Spanish actress and dancer living in a North American country, who was curious about what the interior of the establishment was like, documented her experience of visiting this place, surprising more than one person with the prices of the dishes.

“We are going to visit the Bad Bunny restaurant in Miami, which is literally next door.”said Naomi Hopper on the outskirts of Gekko, where he arrived in the company of his partner.

In the letter, one could see that the costs ranged from $60 to $100. “Glass of wine for $34”– the Spaniard was surprised, who after a few seconds ordered a dish called hamachiwhich cost $34. Then he tried salmon nigirifor $17 and wagyu ($35), the latter being his favorite.

They continued with some eggplant $16 and big beef steak in the amount of 85 dollars, the taste of which satisfied them. “Collin loves it, and if he says it’s delicious, it means it is. I asked for a mingon fillet well stuffed with garlic and the truth is wow dear.”added the actress.

Once the food was finished, Noemi and her boyfriend decided to give Gekko an 8 and she a 9. “It was too early. There weren’t many people there. But highly recommend”pointed out the young woman. He later revealed that the total amount in the account was $340.

Here are the dishes served at Bad Bunny’s Restaurant

The dancer’s video has received over 2 million views and caused controversy among users. While some expressed a desire to visit the Bad Bunny restaurant, others criticized the cost of the dishes.

“Very expensive, not worth it. There are many restaurants in Miami worth trying”; “My monthly salary at dinner one evening”; “For those of you who don’t live in the US, at these prices you have to add taxes and tips, which is 30% more”; “Very expensive, not worth it, there are many restaurants in Miami”; “I have to go,” people wrote.

How much does it cost to eat at Gekko, Bad Bunny’s?

According to the newspaper El Heraldo de Mëxico, prices at Bad Bunny’s restaurant range from $14 to $300, with dishes catering to different segments of the population who want to at least try out of curiosity.

In fact, this signature dish is one of the most expensive Gekko dishes and consists of a 450-gram Wagyu beef dish that costs between $250 and $300.

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