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Kelsey Fry lived the best possible Christmas of 2022 next to his mother because it will be the last time they spend together, for which, among other things, they decided to celebrate by singing a song by Taylor Swift and when the video came to TikTok we found out about one history heartbreaking, as her mother has cancer and will not survive this deadly disease for long.

kelsey Y christie geratyhis mother, sang and danced to the rhythm of “The Best Day”, this melody being the milestone that marked the last of the Christmas parties that they spend together due to the violent terminal non-Hodgkin lymphoma with which he has been battling for 15 long years.

When Good Morning America contacted her, detailed: “Taylor Swift It has been in my life since my mother had cancer. My mother’s battle is coming to an end now, but after 15 years, I can honestly say that music is like therapy for us.”.

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needed a permanent spot for this moment ❤️

♬ The Best Day – Taylor Swift

the last dance together

Secondly, christie He assured that the moment was completely spontaneous: “She was getting closer to me and I started hearing the words and I saw the look in her eyes, and it was pure love. It was my girl who was singing these beautiful words, and she made me move and made me smile. She made me cry. She had never felt so loved.”.

“I have an excellent father. His strength makes me stronger. God smiles on my little brother.”is an extract of the beautiful melody that he sings with pure feeling kelseythe same ones that acquired a more than special meaning for the whole family, especially this year, since not only did his mother’s battle against terminal cancer come to mind, but also that this evil took his 16-year-old brother in February 2022.

“It is our last Christmas together and it is also the first without my brother”detail to GMA, but he is grateful for all the time he spent with his mother, whose life changed when he was in eighth grade, when they were given the cruel diagnosis; however, life continued its course and the tiktokerToday, she formed her own family with three children who enjoyed their grandmother for as long as possible.

A life struck by doom

But the Fatality knocked on his family’s door, because in 2020, Shepherd, his third son, was detected with a rare and fatal liver disease that required a liver transplant: “after struggling over how to handle such horrible situations, we decided we had no choice but to choose joy for the rest of our lives and that is something my mom taught us over and over again”.

“You can be sad, you can scream, you can hit a pillow, do whatever you have to do. It’s normal and healthy to feel those emotions, but also sitting on those feelings for a long time can’t do many good things. Having a father in hospice… it’s going to suck, but we do have final moments together. A lot of people don’t”, he sentenced.

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