Viral video shows Ariana Grande ‘sexualized and infantilized’ in Nickelodeon series

A video showing Ariana Grande in sexualizing situations when she was 16 on the set of “Sam and Cat” has resurfaced.

On would have almost forgotten, but before selling millions of albums and filling concert halls, Ariana Grande played comedy. For four seasons, from 2010 to 2013, she starred as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon series Victorious. Her character was so successful that she even got her spin-off, Sam and Cat, starring Jennette McCurdy, the heroine of the channel’s other flagship series, iCarly. Precisely, Jennette McCurdy has just released a shocking book about her childhood and what Nickelodeon did to her. And in all this chaos, a very disturbing video of Ariana Grande has resurfacedas detailed in this article from The Independent.

The video, posted on Twitter, shows a young actress “sexualized and infantilized”, believes the Internet user who shared it. In this video, from the filming of Sam and Cat, Ariana Grande, then 16 years old, appears alone in front of the camera.

The screenwriter in sight

From her bedroom, Cat Valentine (aka Ariana Grande) is filmed saying and doing things that seem inappropriate for his age and the channel’s audience for which it turns. We see her shove a finger down her throat, pour a bottle of water on her chest pretending to try to drink upside down, or trying to “make potato juice” while making noises more than suggestive.

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These various clips and the filming of the series itself were done by screenwriter Dan Schneider. It’s him who is directly pointed out by fans of Grande and McCurdy today. However, when the Sam and Cat series came to an end after just one season in 2014, no charges had been brought against him.

Dan Schneider has not reacted to this video since it resurfaced on Twitter in recent days. Neither does Ariana Grande. Since leaving Nickelodeon for her career as a solo singer, the artist no longer talks about this part of his career.


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