Virginia Montemaggi refused to join two houses


How come Virginia Montemaggi has not become part of a House like some of his colleagues? The tiktoker wanted to clarify today by answering on Instagram to a direct question:

Why don’t you get into typical houses Zoe Massenti or Julia Salemi?

Virginia Montemaggi house
Virginia Montemaggi

virginia Responded without hair on the tongue:

I had received two proposals from two of the houses that are there now.

It’s a bit strange, because I think any other influencer would have thrown themselves headlong into it. The point is that in my life social networks are very important, but I give it the right weight. Because, as much as a person can work well, it is such a dynamic world that today you are someone and tomorrow no one gives you anymore. So, bet and throw years of study on is what at least for me is not good

While there are already those who wonder about the house that would have refused Virginia Montemaggi (the most likely are Stardust and Defhouse, because the Dream and chill were born recently, although they are not to be excluded), the tiktoker also commented on the idea of those who choose not to do university:

Not doing university is very right and, in my opinion, the people who are in that house do not necessarily do it, otherwise it is not possible or at least give it a different relevance from the one I give. Everyone in life, however, chooses his own path.

In the end the Virginia’s thought it is summarized in a very simple reflection:

For me, staying in a house would have been throwing years of life.

Someone will be able to make her change her mind or Virginia will remain to work on her own like so many of his more or less famous colleagues?

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