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That the Family Medicine Program, 38 years after its foundation, continues to serve as a fundamental pillar of the primary public health care network in Cuba, says a lot about the human and professional quality of those who participate in it.

Ciego de Ávila, May 3 (ACN) That the Family Medicine Program38 years after its foundation, continues to serve as a fundamental pillar of the network of primary public health care in Cubasays a lot about the human and professional quality of those who participate in it.

This is also recognized by the neighbors who receive medical care in office #33, located on Chicho Torres street, between the intersections of Abraham Delgado and Marcial Gómez in the province Ciego de Avila.

Delia Castillo Leyva, one of the oldest members of this community, believes that they have always had excellent doctors and nurses in the family, but those who now carry out these functions demonstrate their suitability to provide this service on a daily basis.

Dr. Enrique Rolando Pérez García and nurse Milagros Licea Ballester, professionals in charge of this entity, a benchmark of good practices among the Avilanian health union, let the Cuban News Agency see why they enjoy such prestige.

Mrs. Milagros, as one of her patients referred to her, comes from the province of Granma and dedicated 31 years of her life to work as a nurse specialist in neonatology.

Due to health problems, he was unable to continue his work in the hospital and for three decades, he has been working in this office, of which he already dominates even the most peculiar details.

For his part, Dr. Enrique concluded his studies as a comprehensive general practitioner in 2020, just when the COVID-19 pandemic the city of portals raged.

His working life began just 20 days after graduation, as a litmus test, he faced the responsibility of working in several isolation centers for suspected and positive SARS CoV-2.

That first year I rotated through almost all the enabled red zones in the province, although it was one of the most difficult experiences I have experienced professionally, I learned a lot about making quick decisions, doing more with less and being more human, explained the Nobel Prize-winning doctor.

Since August 2021, this duo has made up the team in charge of ensuring the health of 276 families in the center of the city of Los Portales.

Our work as a family doctor and nurse consists of consolidating a care model with a clinical-epidemiological and social approach through which we achieve that patients trust us, explained Dr. Enrique.

In favor we have that it is an educated and compliant population, they support everything we do, assured nurse Milagros.

We enjoy the work, here we have the opportunity to follow the evolution of a child from the beginning of pregnancy and at the same time offer a better quality of life to that older adult who becomes unbalanced when a medication is missing, the doctor commented.

We are a team, I could not perform properly if I did not have the support of Milagros, she keeps the medical records up to date and has complete control of the patients, thanks to her everything is easier, Dr. Enrique continued.

The experienced nurse said that despite his youth, the doctor has proven to have the necessary knowledge to treat any ailment, he is very intelligent, commented maternal pride.

Groups like this one are an example of good practices in the Family Medicine program.

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