Vitamins are essential for life, but taking supplements won’t make you live longer.

IN Finally it’s not MondayMario Viciosa tells us that it cannot be denied that vitamins are essential for life.for the functioning of our body. Specific, 13 vitamins are neededMost of them are water-soluble: C and B group. And others, which are fat-soluble or accompanied by fat, can be better absorbed, among them D.

It cannot be denied that a balanced diet already provides us with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. AND no need to supplement, unless indicated for medical reasons. A well-fortified body functions better and life expectancy increases. Another thing is that vitamin supplements do not give anything extra to healthy people. People who take a daily multivitamin do not have a lower risk of mortalityaccording to a meta-analysis published this week. A meta-analysis means they looked at a ton of studies published over the past 20 years, involving nearly 400,000 volunteers. And they saw no benefit.

The reality is that those who took more vitamin supplements were more likely to die earlier. Specifically, The risk of death was 4% higher among daily multivitamin users., compared to non-consumers, in the first years of observation. There are signs that those who binge on vitamin pills often do so because they’re gorging themselves on ribs or leading a sedentary lifestyle. This is happening in the United States, the global epicenter of vitamin and supplement consumption and, unfortunately, the epicenter of lifestyle-related obesity.

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