Vivianne Dietz enchants with radical change of look

The actress was encouraged to show her new appearance with the viral trend of TikTok.

Through social networks, the actress Vivianne Dietzcaptivated his community of followers, with a record where he showed the entire process of his recent makeover.

The video was published on his TikTok account, “bye long hair”, he posted next to the clip in which he said goodbye to his long hair.

Vivianne Dietz - Instagram
Vivianne Dietz – Instagram

“She has an air of Demi Lovato, when she was young”, “you are beautiful that the cut you make will be beautiful on you”, “beauty of a woman”, “the cut was beautiful on you”were some of the comments he received.

Vivianne Dietz was encouraged to dance “Marisola”

But he still had to test his new image officially, in this way, Vivianne Dietzwas encouraged to dance one of the trends of the moment.

It is about the song “Marisola Remix”, by Standly, Cris MJ, Duki and Nicki Nicole.

“we came back”wrote, while dancing with a friend: “I don’t smoke mari alone…”is heard as part of the lyrics of the song that has been a huge hit since its release in December of last year.

Vivianne’s video in a few hours registers nearly 100,000 views and dozens of messages complimenting her: “Beautiful as always with your new look”, “they turned out great”, “you feel the freshness of that new look”.

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