Vlahovic: “We want Europe, the rest doesn’t interest me. It is our goal “

Dusan Vlahovic comes out into the open. Not on the contract, but on Fiorentina’s goals: here are some of his words to the Serbian portal

“We all work and want to go to Europe, because Fiorentina have not played there for many years and I think it would be a great success for the club. I believe this group of players and this coaching staff deserve it and we will all do our best to reach some of the goals that we have set. We have a routine of life. Go to training, recovery and bed in the right time. When it comes to nutrition I have a particular regimen because as I said football has reached a level where every minimum detail matters. As for the attention of the audience, I said that I don’t care, I’m just focused on football, train and improve as much as possible to help the team. Whether it’s goals, assists or other things in the game. most importantly, we win, and everything else that happens around me doesn’t interest me.

The World Cup? It was really cool. I haven’t had my impressions completely yet, but a really incredible feeling, going to a great competition, beating Portugal at home, and that was the match that meant the final for all of us and getting the only result that got us brought to the World Cup. I think we have achieved great success, but I think we are only at the beginning. “

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